Hi. I’m Tanya Lau.

I’m an Learning & Development (L&D) practitioner (with an eLearning / digital learning background), originally from Sydney, living and (mostly) working remotely from Northern NSW. I’m interested in how people learn, and how we can facilitate learning and behaviour change. I’m also fascinated by organisational learning, future of work (including remote working and online collaboration), accessible / inclusive design, design thinking, learning networks, innovation, creativity & change.

Passionate about:  Learning.  Exploring. Improving. Evolving. Being more strategic about how we approach learning design to maximise our impact.

This blog is a place for me to explore, develop and reflect on ideas, narrate and share my learning experiences and experiments. (See my first post for more who and what inspired me).

You may also find me exploring better ways of learning & working through networks, conversation, collaboration & community on Twitter, LinkedIn, whilst pondering if I will ever resume my Masters Thesis on Personal Learning Networks,

When I’m not doing the above, I love exploring nature with my family, dabbling with rudimentary permaculture practices in our now rambling country garden, and preparing to build a fully sustainable off -grid house and live & work even more sustainably.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Lauraa Bechard says:

    Tanya, I am a learning professional in Canada. I’m coming to Sydney in March to visit my daughter and would love to get together if you’ve available to talk more about your research. I too have a passion for exploring how people learn.

    • tanyalau says:

      Hi Laura
      thanks so much for getting in touch! Absolutely – would love to meet and talk more. I can see your skype name via gravatar – will get in touch via that in the first instance. Thanks again for stopping by and look forward to more conversations!

  2. Scott Brown says:

    Hello Tanya – wondering if you ever published part 2 of this blog post on employee experience … I’m very interested, but don’t see it. Thanks!

    • tanyalau says:

      Hi Scott Thanks for the reminder! No I haven’t published part 2 quite yet. It’s been 90% written fir a while but put on the back burner due to other life distractions. Will definitely be posting soon – will let you know when up. Thanks for your interest! Tanya

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