Emergent thinking in #xplrpln

One of the most interesting things about participating in #xplrpln is observing how our current thinking evolves and new thinking emerges as a result of engaging with others’ ideas – either through reading and/or commenting on blogs, participating in a discussion forum, chat session, or reading and responding to tweets.

It’s fascinating, this process of wading through the threads of thought, picking and teasing out the threads that you identify with, playing with them,  to work out how they fit in with your own, and – as has happened more often than not over the past 3 weeks – integrating new thought-threads to evolve and tweak your own thinking.

I’m as interested in the process of how learning occurs through participatory open online education experiences like #xplrpln, as I am in the content being covered. One of the things I’d like to do is to observe and describe the interactions and experiences that have the most impact on my learning and thinking as we progress, to try to better understand the open online learning process (more to come on that….)


Post script: Inspiration

This rather short post was inspired by Maureen Crawford’s awesomely poetic suggestion (challenge?) to wite more regularly in order to get out of being too precious about your writing.  Her own thoughts-in-progress style reminded me of the reason I started this blog in the first place: to explore, experiment and reflect on ideas. Narrating thoughts in short regular bursts seem like a perfect way to do this.

So there’s my “try something new” for this week. Thanks Maureen!

2 thoughts on “Emergent thinking in #xplrpln

  1. Maureen Crawford @jmc3ualberta says:

    Yes, yes, and yes! I can already see that emergent writing complements your style. I too find the ‘how we learning and think’ part to be fascinating and it is wonderful to be offered a glimpse into others thought processes. Also, if I don’t see any of your material until you have it polished and finished then it is offered to me as a broadcast. I am the audience, no more no less and I am less likely to fully engage with it. When you offer me a thoughtful but not solidified reflection/idea then you invite me into not only your process but my own as well. I roll your nascent musings around in my head, look for my own ‘golden threads’ (William Blake) and become part of the artistry that is creating knowledge on the web.
    I think blogging as emergent thinking is a way of us learning how to speak 2.0!

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