Mental break: tdc650

After a couple of weeks of intensely intellectually challenging PLN’ing with #xplrpln, I thought I might take a mental break with DS106 tdc650:

Take a photo that shows a reflection.

I look at TDCs daily but never really know whether I’ll do it or not until I ‘find’ inspiration. Weekends are pretty good because I’m usually out with my 3 year old and open to being inspired. We were going to the beach which I thought would be rife with opportunity for photos with reflections. And it was. Except that once I found some awesome rockpool reflections my phone battery was almost dead and the camera refused to play.

When I got home, I still had it at the back of my mind and the idea of doing something with the reflection of the setting sun seemed promising. But in the mad rush that tends to happen at that time, I missed it.

I was still thinking about it as I was cleaning the pots and the reflection of light in the kitchen sink caught my eye:

Kitchen Sink

This was OK, but a bit boring, and cold.

I headed out to the lounge room but no inspiration there. I remembered I’d always liked the warmth of the light in the hallway. And after I decided this would be the site for my TDC pic, my boy decided to run up and down the hallway like a maniac (as 3 year olds do). Seeing he’d been involved in every other TDC I’d done, I guess it was only appropriate that this be the submission:


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