Another tdc: #613

Second TDC in a week! It feels good to be doing them again, making time in my brain to look and think about how I might approach a creative challenge.  The two things I always keep in mind when doing them are:

  • Come up with an idea, then dismiss it and think beyond it. I’ve always taken to heart the TDC suggestion that often your first instinct may not be your best work. And I’ve found it to be true time and time again.
  • Remember they’re only supposed to take 15-20 mins, and involve minimal editing. I find this liberating, because it means you can let go of the pressure of creating perfection, and just create. Just make art, dammit. Not high art, just art. And art is simply a form of expression. It ain’t a competition.

So…today’s daily create:

Take a photo that represents the TDC idea of regular exercises of creativity

The photo that the brief refers to is so brilliant that it takes away the temptation to even try and match it. But it did get me visualising scenes of tai-chi at dawn in a beautiful green park. I thought about taking a photo of that. But, although we do have quite a lovely park nearby, no-one does tai chi there. Actually thinking about it now, there may be a couple of people who do, but it was already past dawn. And I wasn’t about to head over there in my PJs.

I was up with my just-turned-3-year-old, and watching him, realised I had the perfect subject. He has been my muse for these daily creates, and I often involve him in doing them with me. Just cos it’s fun. I thought about how I could integrate him into the themes of exercise and creativity. I thought about taking a pic of him doing a ‘stunt jump’ (the jumps does when he ‘practices’ doing skateboard stunts….p.s. there’s a skate ramp at our local park: enough said!).

But then, he started playing with lego. And I started taking some snaps of him doing that. And then I made the connection: for kids, playing is often, creating. And, they play, daily.  So, here ’tis:

Daily creating_sm

Daily creating

After I took this one (above) and looked at it, I noticed a couple of other things that, purely accidentally, fit quite nicely with the theme: the train ticket (for my daily journey to work), and the bag on the chair in the background, with a slogan which reads: “because even the little things can make a difference” (cf. tdc: a little thing that can make a difference to your creativity). The serentipidous connections are always the best.

Daily play_sm

Daily playing

On the down side, I still haven’t written up my MA research proposal. Yikes. I really am using tdc as a form of procrastination…

Well, at least it’s artistic procrastination. And it’s gotta be a helluva lot more fun than cleaning the bathroom to procrastinate, right?

7 thoughts on “Another tdc: #613

  1. cathleennardi says:

    Thanks for reminding us that we should think beyond our first idea for our daily creates. It allows the idea to simmer and perhaps improve as we consider it. I like how you pointed out the “little things.” #talkingheadless106

    • tanyalau says:

      Thanks for your comment Cathleen! Yes…i often look at the tdc in the morning then go about my day, keeping an eye out for ideas and inspiration in my environment. Love tdcs for that – they really do keep you thinking creatively!

    • tanyalau says:

      Thanks Rochelle! Appreciate the comment. Yes..I do enjoy narrating daily creates when I do them – I often like reading other ppl’s posts about their creative process, so have decided to always try & accompany mine with a short(ish) post too now : )

  2. learningsnippets says:

    Nice pic Tanya, you’ve nailed the brief (as they say in Masterchef) and its really cool how the extra elements (train ticket and bag) ended up in the shot. TDC seem like a great way to get you creative juices flowing – keep them coming! But please, get onto your research proposal!!!

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