Liberating the ideas

I’ve got a bunch of ideas in my head which I don’t *quite* have the time to write out as blog posts. Although most of them are jotted down in Evernote…

Img adapted from Cheerful Monk Creative Commons Licence<–…the detail is still sitting in here.

[Img adapted from cheerfulmonk Creative Commons License]

So, living up to the commitment from my previous post of showing work in progress and letting go of ideas in my head, I’m going to liberate the ideas into this post. This might make it likelier that they’ll actually happen at some point! So, in no particular order:

New goals, new role

I’ve just started a new role in an organisation undergoing massive change. This post will be me looking ahead at the 5 or so big picture goals I’d like to achieve in this role (or at least attempt or experiment with). I’d like to align any subsequent work related posts to one or more of the goals in this ‘baseline’ post, and think it would be really interesting to look back on this in a year’s time to see how I’ve progressed and how my goals may have changed.

What I learned from my 2 year old

This will be a fun, lighthearted post on the things I learnt while hanging out with my 2 year old when on leave the last 2 weeks. Looking at things from a kid’s perspective can be pretty inspiring (and funny!) – a refreshingly different world view. Probably something of a cross between kid’s say the darndest things and life’s little instruction book. Also planning to do some art/drawings to go with it. Got a pretty clear vision of this one…just gotta get it done!

Learning from Twitter – musings from a (former) skeptic

About how up til recently I’ve been somewhat of a twitter skeptic, and all the things I’ve learned since making a commitment to using it regularly as a learning tool. The things I think it’s awesome for, some of the challenges, and how I get around them. Perhaps also comparing the relative merits of twitter to linkedin as a professional learning tool (some twitter users seem pretty derisive of linkedin but I think there’s a place for both – each have their merits and unique characteristics). The twitter vs linkedin bit might actually develop into a separate post…

Series on my experiences /experiments with various social media tools

Kind of following on from the twitter post, I’m thinking it would be good to do a series on different social media tools and how I’m using them. Evernote, Pinterest (which I haven’t actually started to use yet but have plans to). Possibly also Pearltrees and (got accounts for but not really using).

On serendipitous learning – my 4 degrees of separation to Stephen Anderson

About how I serendipitously found an awesome preso ‘What I’m curious about’ from Stephen Anderson on Julie Dirksen’s blog, and the pathway of how I got there via explorations on the social web (how a post on cammy bean’s blog led me to following julie dirksen on twitter, and following a link from Cathy Moore’s blog led me to Julie Dirksen’s blog and eventually to Stephen Anderson’s preso!) I’d like to map out this out visually to show the connections, pathways and journey via the social web.

What I’m curious about

I love Stephen Anderson’s preso so much that I’m thinking I could do a post on it. It’s all about curiosity, play & integrating this into experience design. Now that I think about it, it’s interesting that I discovered his preso through exploration motivated by curiosity.

Pilot testing eLearning – by actually observing learners

Although it’s quite a standard practice in web design, prototyping and pilot testing practices in eLearning rarely involve actually observing learners as they navigate the module (while thinking aloud), and then talking to them about their experience – something which you can learn A LOT from doing. This post is about my experiences implementing a user observation based eLearning prototype / pilot testing process.

Well – these are the posts that are semi scripted in varying levels of detail in my head. These are ideas that I’d like to explore more:

  • post on compliance training design, probably related to a specific work project
  • something on tin can api and its potential impact on corporate learning
  • post on Moocs
  • weekly series narrating my work on DS106 daily creates for the week
  • guitar challenge – thinking of learning how to play my toddler’s current fave song ‘The Letter’ (‘my baby she wrote me a letter’) on guitar and doing progressive recordings of my efforts!? Could be interesting. Could also be painful!

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