Becoming a DS106 #4lifer

I first discovered DS106  open online digital storytelling course when researching ‘cMoocs’. I’d recently completed the Gamification (x)Mooc from Coursera and had a heightened interest in Moocs in general. I think I may have come across the term cMooc in a blog (can’t recall which one) and became curious about them. I’ve always been fascinated by constructivist and connectivist theories of learning. So the opportunity to experience it just opened up a whole new world of possibility.

I didn’t have to spend long exploring the DS106 site (it ain’t no Mooc!) before deciding it was something I’d definitely be participating in. The things that really appealed to me about DS106 were:

  • it’s not just a course you complete then forget about (or attempt to apply in your ‘real’ life) – it’s something you integrate INTO your real life (DS106 is 4life!)
  • it’s a real, creative community dedicated to creating awesome art
  • it’s entirely open – everyone and anyone can participate, at any level they want, for as little or as long as they want. No apologies for not being able to participate, no concept of ‘dropping out’
  • projects span all media and type (visual, web, audio, video, writing, design, fanfic, mashup…)
  • participation involves utilising social media platforms (twitter, soundcloud, flickr…) and tools (image manipulation, audio and video editing…) I wanted to learn more about.

Ultimately, I guess I just really want an outlet to do creative work that’s different to, and unburdened by the constraints of my real (paid) work.  A side project: a place to experiment, learn and have fun – unconstrained by deadlines or obligations. And the opportunity to interact and collaborate with a community of people who aren’t necessarily just involved in L&D, education or training. So DS106 = perfect.

I’m just going to start by tackling some of the assignments in the Assignment Bank and comment on others’ assignments. I’ll start with writing assignments, but also plan to attempt an audio, visual and possibly video assign to extend my skills in these areas. The Daily Creates also seem like an awesome idea – I’d really like to get into the habit of thinking creatively. Creating regularly -and narrating your creations-  definitely seems to be a great (the best? the only?) way to do this.

So there’s the rationale. Now…let’s start making some art, dammit!

[Check out my first DS106 assignment here]

[Want to know more about DS106? Take a look at this Educause article]

2 thoughts on “Becoming a DS106 #4lifer

  1. learningsnippets says:

    I like the sound of DS106, I’m going to check it out. It seems like a great way to stimulate and develop your creativity (which I need to do) and to narrate your work (which I also need to do more of).

  2. tanyalau says:

    You should check it out when you can! The assignments are truly a lot of fun, and there’s nothing else like it – it’s really more a opportunity to participate in a creative community rather than a ‘course’ – especially if you’re doing it as an open online participant, just picking and choosing assignments to challenge yourself with.
    If nothing else, definitely try some of the daily creates. These are just small assignments that are only meant to take 15-20 mins – I just did one this morning (planning to post tonight), which just involved me taking a photo of my kid’s breakfast with my phone! (so, like 5 mins – 10 if you count the practice shots) Just trying to think of a good title now ; ). The point isn’t to create polished art, but just as you say – to stimulate your creativity. I’m also really enjoying doing something that’s just for fun, and not directly related to L&D / ID / training stuff. Anyway – hopefully I can inspire you to DS106 the way you’ve inspired me to blog!

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