Preface: the seeds that planted the blog

Hello & welcome.

I’d been thinking about starting a blog for a few months, primarily to reflect on my ideas, conversations, work, and experiences; to narrate and record my learning and work. I’d been reading Julian Stodd’s blog  for a while, and found his notion of using a blog to develop and track the evolution of his thinking really appealing. These posts (here and here), where he talks about writing – and finding the time to write – as being core to reflecting, developing ideas, and learning, particularly made me think: “Gee, I Really need to start doing this!” Reflecting, sharing – doing something – with your knowledge is also key to Harold Jarche’s ideas on personal knowledge management, something which had also resonated with me as a Very Important Thing to be doing.

There is of course, however, an inescapable chasm between Knowing and Thinking that you should do something, and actually getting off your butt and Doing It. And the inspiration for me to actually, Finally Do It, came from my ex-Savv-e colleague and all round good guy Matt Guyan, who recently started a blog himself. Seeing Matt do it gave me the inspiration to google WordPress, and just set up a blog, dammit. Which, I discovered, was actually a very easy thing to do. Getting round to actually writing some content was another matter entirely….

It wasn’t so much a case of writer’s block as being overwhelmed by ideas (having spent the last few weeks with a bunch of half-scripted posts floating around my head…) and not quite knowing how or where to start. So, I finally sat down and just forced myself to start writing The First Post.

And, now…I reckon I’m just about done.

(Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?!).

Postscript: Oh yeah – one other thing that nudged me towards the brave new blogosphere was DS106, which I’m keen to start becoming part of as an open participant. Blogging is one way to do it, so was yet another Exceptionally Good Reason to start. More on DS106 to come…

2 thoughts on “Preface: the seeds that planted the blog

  1. learningsnippets says:

    Well done Tanya on writing The First Post. I had my WordPress account for 7 months before I took the first big step and put myself ‘out there’. I find that putting a post together helps me to consolidate and organise my thinking.
    I also had to change my blogs name. It used to be called Learning about Learning, which I thought was pretty cool until I discovered that Clark Quinn’s blog was called Learnlets – Learnings about Learning. I think I’m safe now.
    I’m looking forward to reading your posts and thanks for the mention!!

  2. tanyalau says:

    Thanks Matt! 7 months is a long time – although I have probably been toying with the idea for maybe 4 or 5…! Sometimes it’s just hard to find the time too (I’ve been on leave for a couple of weeks so have had a bit more time than usual…). I have definitely always found that writing things down helps me to process (even a shopping trip is way more successful if I’ve written a list – even if I don’t end up referring to it whilst actually IN the shop, which often happens..). I like the idea of a blog because the act of publishing your writing forces you think through things more coherently, much more than if you’re just writing notes for yourself that you know no-one else is likely to see.
    I know what you mean by blog names – it’s a tricky one. Especially if you want to include ‘learning’ in the title. I went through a few different names before deciding on this one…although I just googled ‘explorations in learning’ and noticed that there are a couple of learning related blogs that use the title (though not in the url)….am thinking that I didn’t do very thorough research after all!
    Anyway – thanks again for inspiring me to do it – totally not fibbing when I say that seeing you do it gave me the push I needed!

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